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Anonymous asked: Hey , first of all I just wanna say I loooove you blog, and .. I was wondering if you could help me with one thing: You see , my parents are from Iraq but I'm born'n' raised in Sweden. And my mum found out that I like black boys and thinks that I'm crazy & has no future (because I will ''of course'' marry a black boy ) Like seriously , I've tried to get her to understand that there's nothing wrong to like guys from other cultures.. but she dosen't get it!! Plz heelp me xoxo


Haha thank you. I personally haven’t dated any Arabs bc there aren’t many where I live. I tend to prefer minorities ((much love for black men, like yourself)) and I tell my mom that it’s easier to be understood by them - we have more common ground and they are less racist. She seems to appreciate that. I guess I’m saying that if you understand why you are drawn to black men you will have an easier time explaining it to your mom in a way she will respect. If it’s purely aesthetic then it isn’t even worth explaining, in my opinion. She’ll just think you’re being boy crazy and childish, especially if there’s nobody serious in the picture.

— 2 years ago